My Story – Jade

My name is Jade,  I am aboriginal, and my mob is from Dharawal.  My first-time hearing about Gunya Meta was when I was in year 9 at Shailer Park State High School.

Gunya Meta truly changed my life and put me back on the right path in life, I hated school, started to hang around bad crowds in and out of school as I thought I had no purpose in life as my family wasn’t a great place to live.

Once I met auntie Faith, Uncle Craig and Bubba/Alex, they made me feel like I was a part of the family, they actually wanted to hear what I had to say and truly wanted to help me. So they did, I was seeing them once a week and they helped me out to pass every subject at school, made me feel confident with myself and be proud that I am aboriginal.

After a while Uncle Craig and Alex asked if I wanted to go on a Gunya Meta camp, at first I didn’t want to go but I went anyways. The experience was amazing, when you go on camps and outings with Auntie, Uncle and bubba; you form a bond with all the other Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander teenagers and young adults and learn more about your culture; you feel like you have always been around with your Mob.

Gunya Meta makes us feel like we are proud of our identity and that we have become one big family with all the kids who are connected with Gunya Meta. We all stand together and fight as one

Gunya Meta should be known all over the world for all their amazing work and the time and effort they put into us as individuals. Auntie faith and Uncle Craig and Bubba have truly helped me in life, and I am so grateful of the team at Gunya Meta Logan.

Gunya Meta