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Gunya Meta

Partnering with community, students, parents, carers, schools and local organisations.

Gunya Meta Inc is a non-profit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation, run by a board of local Logan City community members, employing local Indigenous staff.

Gunya Meta’s aim – over all programs –  is to enhance the capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities to:

  • Engage with schools and education providers in order to support improved educational outcomes for Indigenous children;
  • Build strong leadership that supports high expectations of Indigenous students’ educational outcomes;
  • Target education and health-based programs to support self-determination, social and emotional well-being;
  • Support the establishment, implementation and/or ongoing progress of community-school partnerships; and,
  • Support and reinforce children’s learning at home.
L-R: Uncle Noel Summers, Aunty Faith Green, Aunty Coral Dessaix

Garumbabigis All!

What a whirlwind weekend – to host Uluru Dialogues on the “Voice”, Referendum 2023: The Dialogues – Uluru Statement from the Heart

  • Aunty Faith Green with Statement from the Heart

This is the beginning of Gunya Meta’s dialogues with and alongside our local communities, so they hear from the “heart” of our communities.

Sunday 6th, Gunya Meta hosted “UsMob23” to lead the first yarning circle on the “Voice”. Long term Logan City resident & Pro-Vice Chancellor of UNSW, Professor Megan Davis led the circles with esteemed elders and Senior Indigenous bureaucrat, Aunty Pat Anderson.

These two amazing women of our local communities shared how the “Voice” design was created through the Uluru Dialogue.

To ensure our yarning circles created safer spaces, Gunya Meta requested the first ‘session circles’ to be Indigenous community only. Then after breaking bread together for lunch, invite our broader Logan Central communities and visitors to hear from a Panel of Experts – the x2 leading ladies alongside our local Honourable member for Rankin, Dr. Jim Chalmers.

The Yarning circles brought a lot of good information to ‘light’ and deeper understanding for us/all on the history to getting more freedoms and rights as Indigenous citizens as well as the process co-created with communities leading towards the final creation of the “Uluru Statement from the Heart”.

Key take outs from local community were;

“I now know so much more – thank you for sharing your beautiful story & our history…”

What Aunty Pat shared on the ‘teeth’ of the Voice through the Constitution – that is so important it’s something Australian governments of the day can’t just change and get rid of. We as communities like here in Logan could ask ‘Where is our cut of the $30 billion that goes into federal (Canberra) Indigenous structures??’

  • L – R: Professor Megan Davis, Aunty Pat Anderson, Hon Dr Jim Chalmers

Professor Megan shared that the ‘teeth’ would also be for local communities like Logan. Our voted reps to Canberra, our reps to the Voice, would be ultimately accountable to us as the Indigenous communities where they’re from & if we did not like or see the changes we wanted, we had rights to remove them – accountable to Community not Canberra…

We thank all our local and extended communities for making time & space for the day. Thank you, Aunty Pat & Professor Megan Davis, for loving Logan & setting local circles where change is needed and felt the most. We appreciated ‘being’ & ‘seeing’ the Statement from the Heart, which will eventually return to Mutuljulu (not Canberra behind glass as Aunty Pat so emphatically shared).

Shoutouts to Aunty Faith Green, Gunya Meta CEO for hosting & the GM teams for set ups / pack ups alongside the great “Yes” team, “UsMob23” who went from Brisbane to Bethania then Logan Central over this weekend period:

  • Aunty Jean Phillips special prayer for gathering

 More of “UsMob23” yarn sharing dates for the “Voice” will be posted online as well as our social media posting on our next ‘rolling Yarning Circles’, held at Gunya Meta over the coming x2 months.

Young guns container crew

Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander job seeker looking for new opportunities and a pathway to gain
employment? We invite you to participate in the Young Guns Training and Employment Pathway Program,
delivered across 6 sessions to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to secure
meaningful employment.

Young Guns will deliver 6 introductory sessions that will give participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to start their employment journey.

  1. Personal Foundations (Purpose) 
  2. Personal Foundations (Wellbeing) 
  3. Job readiness (Planning)
  4. Job Preparations (Physical, social, emotional)
  5. YG Operations Tour & Onboarding  
  6. YG induction 

Aboriginality Confirmation Form

The Aboriginality confirmation form is a certificate that acknowledges that you are known to your community as an Aboriginal person. Your Aboriginal confirmation form can be asked of you when applying for Indigenous specific services or programs.

To apply for Aboriginality confirmation through Gunya Meta, download the form below which includes an application form and family tree form.

Please be advised that all Confirmations for Aboriginality Applications are to be lodged (posted or hand delivered directly) to Gunya Meta Office, 81 Wembley Rd, Logan Central, Qld 4118 .




— Purpose

Established in 2011, Gunya Meta Inc is a non-profit organisation that focuses on serving the needs of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in Logan.  Under the guidance and direction of our board, Gunya Meta’s suite of education and health-based programs support self-determination, social and emotional well-being, and provide opportunities for job training and employment.


— Connecting

A forum for connection between community members and organisations in Logan with a shared agenda to improve outcomes for Logan’s indigenous families. Our Network partners are locally led and governed organisations and schools that share a common purpose, approach, and commitment to our core values when working together across the board.


— Strengthening

Connecting with our culture, strengthens our identity, our ties and gives us a real sense of belonging. Gunya Meta recognises that connection to family, connection to community and connection to country plays an integral role in shaping all Indigenous peoples lives and empowers us to reach for success. 


— Engaging

Gunya Meta engages with schools, education providers and health services in order to support improved educational, health and wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous students and their families.


— Voluntary Work

We highly value the worth of every volunteer and the investment that they make in the community. Without volunteers, we would have no heart.


— Partnerships

We are a part of a large diverse community filled with ideas, talents and abilities. Our goal is to work with other groups and organisations to best serve the needs of our community and achieve mutual benefits.

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Impact Stories

Jade (School to Work Transition Project)

I am aboriginal, and my mob is from Dharawal. My first-time hearing about Gunya Meta was when I was in year 9 at Shailer Park State High School. Gunya Meta truly changed my life and put me back on the right path in life.

Lavena (School to Work Transition Project)

I am a proud Bigambul, Ewamian and Kukatji women. Gunya Meta went above and beyond to make my dreams of being the first in my family to graduate high school and the first to make it into tertiary education and for that I am forever grateful.


Gunya Meta